K-6 Teacher Professional Learning in your School

Learning Mentors offers 2 workshops designed for K-6 whole staff professional learning. Each workshop is accredited for 2 hours 30 minutes with flexibility in presentation times. Each Inquisitive workshop is suitable for a teaching staff meeting, a session of your professional learning day or a twilight professional learning session. Both workshops will use inquisitive.com content and resources.

1. Inquisitive About Differentiation? is a workshop for teachers who understand the diverse needs of their students and are looking to extend their knowledge and develop their creativity to plan learning experiences that meet these needs. The presenters will illustrate the steps to successfully differentiate learning experiences; provide examples of differentiated lessons and encourage participants to differentiate self-identified unit of work.


2. Inquisitive About Visible Thinking? is a workshop for teachers who want to expand their approach to lesson preparation and delivery to include greater opportunities for the students to learn through discovery, discussion, collaboration and  implementation of Visible Thinking Routines.


These workshops support K-6 teachers to use, practice and embed Visible Thinking Routines or Differentiation strategies into their classroom practice, using Inquisitive.com resources.

Inquisitive.com resources used during the workshop presentation are not dependent on a subscription to Inquisitive.

If you would like more information regarding our workshops or to book Learning Mentors to present a workshop at your school, please fill out the inquiry space below or you can email us at info@learningmentors.com